Makes coaching easier

For sports team coaches, EasyCoach is a professional yet easy to use tool that saves time on administrative tasks and provides better overview. EasyCoach allows you to:

  • Manage teams
  • Register and track attendance
  • Message players and parents
  • Share team with co-coaches and assistants

EasyCoach supports multiple platforms and is available as an app for iPhone and Android phones, and as a web module for use on PCs and tablets.

By utilizing “cloud computing”, EasyCoach safely stores your data and ensures seamless data transfer between platforms.

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EasyCoach makes coaching easier

Easy team management

Part of being a coach is to keep team contacts lists up to date. To ease the management of your teams, EasyCoach allows you to:

  • Add players and parents from your phone’s contact list
  • Register players and parents manually
  • Import team lists from CSV/Excel (Pro)
  • Register and manage multiple teams (Pro)
  • Export team lists to CSV/Excel (Pro)
  • Share team with co-coaches and assistants (Pro)

Team members and contacts are easily updated as needed; hence managing your teams becomes easy!

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Easy team management

Easy attendance tracking

Paper-based attendance tracking is time consuming and difficult to visualize. To ease attendance tracking, EasyCoach allows you to:

  • Register attendance on your mobile device
  • Display attendance statistics per team and player
  • Filter attendance statistics on dates
  • Create trending charts for attendance statistics
  • Export attendance statistics to CSV/Excel (Pro)
  • Share attendance statistics with other coaches (Pro)

With only a few taps on your phone, team statistics are in your palm - attendance tracking has never been easier!

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Easy attendance tracking

Easy messaging

Looking up phone contacts to send out a short term notice, or keeping e-mail lists up to date and available, might feel like a hassle. Then there’s Facebook - but wait; not everyone’s there! To ease messaging, EasyCoach allows you to:

  • Easily send text and/or e-mail messages (Pro)
  • Choose recipients among players and parents (Pro)
  • Send to the team or to selected team members (Pro)
  • Keep message log (Pro)

With all your team contacts stored and maintained in one place, messaging becomes easier and faster; and the risk of not reaching everyone is minimized!

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Easy messaging

Easy team sharing

If you have a co-coach, or at least an assistant to help you in case of sickness or traveling, how is this person updated on your team? EasyCoach enables you to:

  • Share your team with other coaches (Pro)
  • Allow others to view your team and statistics (Pro)
  • Allow others to register attendance (Pro)
  • Allow others to message players and parents (Pro)
  • Accept invitations to assist other teams (Pro)
  • Compare your team with shared teams (Pro)

Sharing of teams makes it easier to track team activities led by other coaches, and prevents “holes” in your statistics!

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Easy team sharing

Multiple platforms

Unlike other coaching apps, EasyCoach is not tied to a specific platform, but is available as an app for both iPhone and Android phones, and as a web module for PCs and tablets. This enables you to:

  • Use EasyCoach with the phone of your choice
  • Share your team with other coaches, no matter which phone they use
  • Change your phone without having to switch to a new coaching tool

Ease of use is not only about providing a professional and intuitive user interface; it is also about freedom of use!

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Supports multiple platforms

Cloud computing

EasyCoach follows the software as a service (SaaS) concept, popularly termed cloud computing. This means that all information is stored in the web module of EasyCoach rather than on each user’s phone, which:

  • Ensures that up-to-date information is always available to all users
  • Prevents loss of data in case of phone breakdown or theft
  • Eases switching of phones

And don’t worry; the information in EasyCoach is only available to you and to those you choose to share your teams with!

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Utilizes cloud computing

Try it!

Not yet convinced? The best way to decide if you like it or not is to try it!

  • The basic version of EasyCoach is free to use - all you need to do is to click the below button or download EasyCoach from App Store or Google Play
  • After you have tried out the basic features, you can gain access to more advanced features by upgrading to the Pro-version at a one-time cost of only $5.99

Happy coaching!

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Try EasyCoach today!

«EasyCoach has contributed to a healthy focus on attendance at training, and has made my job as coach much easier. With this App I am able to use my time more efficiently and get better control over my team at the same time. I do not understand how I previously managed without this tool»

- Lasse Sørnes, trainer Bossekop ungdomslag -

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