Hear hear! (What our customers say)

In a recent customer survey, 98% of EasyCoach users said they would recommend EasyCoach to other coaches! (Hurray!) In addition, they used the follwing words to describe EasyCoach:

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We think this description fits very well with our goal: To make coaching easier!

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EasyCoach Weekend



We make coaching easier!

Today, EasyCoach is three days old. In just over two days we have increased user base with a little over 2 percent. We have sent an offer to existing Attendomo users, and massive 10 percent have chosen to switch to our new app! We are very satisfied with these numbers, and we are very positive about the future of EasyCoach.

We've got a lot of feedback from users, and we really appreciate it. This is what we use to develop the app further, and we will answer each and every one of you. Thank you!


We sure hope you can take the time to rate us in App Store and Google Play

Forgotten password

We have received some feedback about a missing "Forgot password" feature in our app. We will get this fixed right away and it will of course be a part of our next version. You can retrieve a new password on this website.

Locked account

If one fails to login 5 times in a row, the account is locked. This is a security setting that prevents unauthorized attempt to log into your account. When this happens, one must unlock the account. This can only be done from this website. To do this, enter your username and passsord. (or any text in the password field) When you press the login button, a "unlock" link appears. Follow the instructions that appear. An email will be sent to your registered email address with an unlock link

We are working on a feature for unlocking your account from your mobile device. 

Awaiting approval

As soon as Easy Coach is approved by Apple, we will launch the app.  Not only at the Apple Store, but also on Google Play. So, in other words, we are very soon ready for both iOS and Android.


The time it takes from when we send the app for approval and til it gets approved is painfully long. At least for us who have worked so hard on it, but maybe also for all of you out there who are waiting for the release. 

We continually receive input on improvements or new features to our old app - Attendomo. These do not go to waste, we either have included it in the EasyCoach, or store it as possible improvements in future versions, or new modules in EasyCoach. Thank you :)

Attendomo users are important users for us and we want to take good care of them. We hope to bring everyone into EasyCoach, we are sure will be a real "upgrade".

EasyCoach soon to be released

We are working  hard to  finish  the first  version of EasyCoach.  There is still  some  testing and  bugfixing  to be implemented  until we are  confident  to let  our "baby out into the  app-world.  Meanwhile  you can  of course  download the  predecessor  to EasyCoach,  Attendomo.

We will  keep you  updated  on what we  are working on  here on our  new EasyCoach  website.

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