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Q: What is EasyCoach?
A: EasyCoach is a professional yet easy to use tool that eases administrative coaching tasks, saves time, and provides better overview. 

Q: Who is EasyCoach for?
A: EasyCoach is designed with sports team coaches on non-professional levels in mind, and can be used by coaches within any sport and in any country. EasyCoach is today used within 127 countries worldwide.

Q: What are EasyCoach's key features?
A: EasyCoach enables coaches to manage teams, track attendance, message players and parents, and share teams with co-coaches and assistants. More detailed, EasyCoach allows you to register contact details for team player and parents, choose contacts from your phone's contact list, and import and export team lists. It allows you to create team sessions and register attendance, easily view attendance statistics for teams and players on your phone, and using a PC you mayt also see trend charts. Furthermore, you canyou to easily send text or e-mail messages to player and parents, to the team or to selected team members, using the saved contact details. Finally, you can share your team with co-coaches and assistants, and let others share their teams with your. 

Q: What does it mean that EasyCoach supports multiple platforms?
A: That EasyCoach supports multiple platforms means you can use the EasyCoach app with your iPhone or Android phone, or you can use the EasyCoach web module with your PC or tablet. This way, you can use the phone of your choice and don't have to worry about which phone your co-coach or assistant use. Additionally, you can easily swich phone without having to start over with a new coaching tool.

Q: What does it mean that EasyCoach utilizes cloud computing?
A:  Cloud computing, or more formally Software as a Service (SaaS), means that all data is stored in the EasyCoach web module rather than on phone. This ensures seamless data transfer between platforms so that up-to-date information is always available to all coaches and assistants. In addition it makes swiching of phones easier and prevents loss of data in case of phone breakdown or theft.

Q: Why use EasyCoach?
A: By easing the administrative coaching tasks, the coach can save time and gain better overview of the teams, players, and attendance. Becuase EasyCoach is designed both as a mobile app and a web module, the coach gets an easy tool to use in the field, and may also use their PC when at home to gain even better overview, import team lists, etc.

Q: What is the feedback from the users?
A: In a recent customer survey, 98% said they would recommend EasyCoach to other coaches. The coach of Bossekop Soccer Team in Norway, Lasse Sornes, is one of the coaches who have experienced the great value that EasyCoach provides: "EasyCoach has contributed to a healthy focus on attendance at training, and has made my job as coach much easier. With this App I am able to use my time more efficiently and get better control over my team at the same time. I do not understand how I previously managed without this tool."

Q: What differs the free and the Pro module of EasyCoach?
A:  The free edition of EasyCoach allows you to create one team, create unlimited number of team sessions, register attendance and view statistics. The Pro module additionally allows you to manage multiple teams, import and export team lists, export attendance statistics, send text and e-mail messages to players and parents, share your teams with other coaches, and allow others to share their teams with you. 

Q: How can I get the Pro module?
A: To get the Pro-module you download the free module of EasyCoach first, and the do an in-app purchase to gain access to the Pro-features (you do not need to download a new app). You may also buy access to the Pro-module directly from the website after you have created an account and signed in. 

Q: What is the cost of the Pro module? 
A: You may download EasyCoach Pro at a one time cost of $5.99.

Q: Who are EasyCoach's key competitors?
A: Various spps for coaches exist, however none of these fulfills the needs of sports team coaches in the same way EasyCoach does. Sharing of teams is unique for EasyCoach, and EasyCoach is also the only tool that supports multiple platforms and utilizes cloud computing. It is also (we think) the best looking of all the coaching tool, providing an intuitive and hence easy to use tool.

Q: What are your ambitions for EasyCoach?
A: Our ambition with EasyCoach is simple: To make coaching easier! To do this, we have focused on easing administrative task that are typically time consuming for the coach: Attendance tracking, messaging, and sharing of team info with other coaches. This way, the choach may use more time "in the field"!

Q: Do you plan to introduce new features?
A: We are currently investigating different options and are listening closely to our customers to identify their needs. New feature that we are currently investigating are the option to plan team sessions in advance, add more details on each team session and player to better track performance, and the option to log and anlyze match results. If you are looking for other features, please give us your feedback!

Q: Will EasyCoach come in a tablet version?
A: We are listening closely to our customers to identify their needs, but currently have the feeling that this is not the most urgent need. Should you have different opinion about this, please give us your feedback!

Q: Who is behind EasyCoach?
A: Norwegian software company Ascella is the developing company behind EasyCoach. Ascella consists of efficient and motivated staff with expertise in software development. Our core business is consulting and software development, with particular focus on solutions that work with mobile devices.

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